Rubber sheet

Rubber sheet

we are producing rubber sheets starting from 1.2 mm up to 12 mm with max. width 1500 mm and 20000 mm long.


( Smooth - Rice - Coin ) patterns

General purpose grade for water applications and diluted chemicals

Our General Purpose Rubber Sheet is perfect for creating low - cost waterproof

seals, gaskets, and linings, making it an ideal choice for a multitude of applications. Its  68 Shore A hardness guarantees that it is tough enough to withstand everyday use  while maintaining the flexibility necessary to conform to various surfaces and adapt to  different environments.

- Protection of Work Surface : Rubber in rubber sheets is very useful since it is a very good cushion or bump  stop in many cases. Because it is elastic, it can protect several work surfaces in industrial environments from  damage.
- Safety
; some of the benefits of rubber are that it is safe for everyone be it the user or the staff. It is safe to  use in public areas and therefore very common.
- Protection of Machines : Rubber is the ideal choice of material when it comes to protecting your  equipment. Rubber is a shock absorber.
- Anti-Vibration –;Rubber can naturally stop vibrations from the machines. These vibrations can cause  annoyance and the eventual wear and tear of machines due to excessive vibrations.
- Resistance : Rubber is resistant to electricity. It is also resistant to discoloration and rusting.

- Versatility : There are different types of materials that rubber sheets can be cut into. The following are

examples of those materials: pads, washers, and even gaskets.

- Availability: Available in a range of materials suitable for a wide variety of settings. Rubber sheets can be  found in many different colors making them a suitable option for retail and commercial purposes. They can  be cut into gaskets, washers, and pads.

Durable, easy to clean: that is still easy to mop/clean and wont trap dirt and makes an ideal walkway for  heavy foot traffic.

Non-slip surface: this  pattern gives this matting a non -slip surface unlikes.

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